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New Hatch Chile Seeds

Hatch Green Chile Seeds

Have you grown our new varieties of Hatch Chile seeds? Our latest favorite for those who like it super hot, is our soon-to-be-famous Rattlesnake Hatch Green Chile Seeds. These wicked little beasts are 4-8" long with thick HOT flesh that is SO delicious roasted. 

Hatch Chile Seeds - Rattlesnake
Hatch Green Lumbre X-Hot is too hot for you, then try this perfect pepper. Its Scoville is reported to reach up to 18,000 SHU, but more often it is much lower near the 10,000 SHU rating. 

The Hatch Green Rattlesnake has a more flavorful heat that is more appetizing and similar to the Hatch Green X-Hot Barker's Hot flavor. These heirloom chiles are grown near Hatch, NM and are sold as Rattlesnake X-Hot. If you love spicy New Mexico Green Chile, you won't want to miss this serpent of heat in your garden.  

Hatch Chile Seeds - grow your own Hatch chile from seed!

Need to Tame the Heat?

You can also grow our Mild Hatch Chile seeds for those family and friends who need their heat "tamed." We typically have a pot of HOT Hatch chile and a pot of Mild-ER Hatch Chile for options for party guests. We can't help but to keep eating the extra-hot stuff though, it's addictive!!