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Mild Chili Peppers

mild  chili peppers

Anaheim SeedsWe noticed that a lot of you are searching or asking for mild chili peppers, and we wanted to write up a quick post to give you our list of favorite mild chiles to grow. We carry a huge assortment of pepper seeds, including mild green chiles such as the Mild Hatch Chile, or the infamous Anaheim chile that has world-wide fame. The Anaheim pepper was originally known as New Mexico No. 9. It was developed in 1913 by Dr. Fabian Garcia at New Mexico State University. He was seeking a chile pepper that was bigger, fleshier, and milder. Dr. Garcia later moved to California in the 1920's and started growing them in the Anaheim area, hence their name. 

All green chiles are amazing when roasted, peeled and deseeded and then used in a variety of recipes for making green chile stews, or toppings for sandwiches, burgers, and pizza. We also love to add roasted green chile to salsas for a wonderful roasted chile flavor and heat. 

You can also grow the milder Poblano chiles which are amazing roasted and made into chile rellenos, salsas or mole sauce! Our Chocolate Poblano seeds, also known as the Mulato Chile, is the chile most famously used for making mole sauce.

Also don't forget about our sweet peppers, which are full of flavor but without any spice. We often use sweet peppers to tame down the heat of other hotter peppers and chiles in our recipes. We love using a variety of swet and hot peppers in salsas to provide a ton of flavor.  Don't miss our most popular sweet pepper, the Shishito, which are amazing simply pan fried with some olive oil or sesame oil, salt and maybe a dash of lemon, sesame seeds, or some cloves of garlic. Our Purple Beauty Bell Pepper is gorgeous and it's purple and green flesh looks amazing when chopped into salads. Another big favorite of our gardener customers is our Lunchbox Orange Mini Bell Peppers, which are tender-crisp, super sweet, and nearly seedless. These yummy delights are perfect for vegetable trays, used with dips, stuffed with goat cheese and baked or grilled on skewers.

Check out all of our sweet peppers by clicking the image below: 


mild chili peppers - sweet peppers