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Hottest Pepper in the World

Wondering what the hottest pepper in the world is in 2022?

Hottest pepper in the world - Carolina Reaper

Yep, the Carolina Reaper is STILL the Guinness world record holder for being the hottest pepper in the world. Lots of other "new" peppers such as the Dragon's Breath and Pepper X are claiming to be hotter, but no one has beat the Carolina Reaper queen. We'll see if, in time, another pepper will claim the Guinness world record to be HOTTER than the Carolina Reaper, but until then, the Reaper is theĀ hottest pepper in the world!Ā 


Carolina Reaper SeedsĀ 

Our Carolina Reaper Seeds are also likely to be the cheapest Carolina Reaper seeds in the world, too! Lots of other pepper seed companies sell them at higher cost. These quality seeds have great germination and the price is right, too!Ā 


List of Peppers by Heat

Looking forĀ more super hot peppers?

There are lots of other super hot peppers that rival Carolina Reapers in their world-record-holding heat, so don't stop at the Reaper if you want some extra hot spice growing in your garden.Ā 

Check outĀ our
List of Peppers by Heat Ā»