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Hatch Seeds

Hatch Chile seeds

If you love Hatch green chile, then grow your own Hatch seeds and have the freshest best tasting Hatch green chiles around! While technically you have to grow our Hatch varieties in the Hatch region in New Mexico to be considered true "Hatch" chiles, these are the same varieties grown by Hatch farmers and we think they taste just as great when homegrown in gardens around the world!

We have happy customers bringing a little New Mexico to their gardens and farms everywhere, from Florida to California and Washington to Texas! The secret to growing good peppers is to keep them warm โ€“ they like temperatures of 70หš or warmer to flourish. And, don't overwater them, they don't like soggy roots!

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We have the world's BEST selection of Hatch seeds:

Hatch chile seeds