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Hatch Chile Seeds

Hatch Chile Seeds


Are you looking for Hatch Chile seeds? We have several varieties of green chile seeds from the Hatch region, so you can grow them around the world! Technically, Hatch chiles can only be called "Hatch" if they're from the Hatch region in New Mexico. The combination of the Hatch valley's climate and local soils are what make the Hatch chile seeds grow into the famous Hatch chiles that people around the world crave. 

But, that doesn't mean you can't grow Hatch chile seeds all over the world! While they may not be able to be officially called "Hatch," they certainly taste amazing no matter where they're grown!

Order your Hatch Chile seeds today
and add some New Mexico flavor to your garden. 

Check out some our Hatch chile seed varieties below: 

Hatch chile seeds