Join the Hatch Chile Growers Group on Facebook

Posted on 03 May 2018

Hatch Chile Growers Group on Facebook

Join our Hatch Chile Growers Group on Facebook and help us share Hatch chile growing tips, stories, photos, and successes with growing Hatch chiles around the world. We will share our favorite tips throughout the chile growing season to help you know how to manage pepper problems, pests or questions. 

We know technically a "Hatch chile" has to be grown in Hatch to be called a Hatch, but we find that people grow our Hatch chile seeds all over the world – from Florida to California to Italy and beyond – and all with great success. Because if you can't live in New Mexico, at least you can have fresh homegrown Hatch chile to eat with every meal, no matter where you live!

Never heard of Hatch Chiles?

Well, now you have and you should grow these delicious green chiles – they are famous around the world! The Hatch chile is named after the region where it was born in Hatch, New Mexico. Hatch chile seeds are easy to grow anywhere you can grow vegetables, and they love full sun like most veggies. So bring a little New Mexico flavor to your garden, and grow some Hatch chile! 

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