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Happy Earth Day!

Shorten your Food Chain Infographic from - Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Grow your own food and shorten your food chain!

Just imagine how much plastic, packaging, transportation and energy we are saving by growing more of our own food and supporting local farms.
Go gardening!

Other ways to help the earth:

1. Grow Food
Growing your own food saves a huge amount of resources!
And heck, it just tastes better when it's fresh.

2. Compost
Compost is nature's free fertilizer and it promotes good soil health. Composting is also nature's ultimate recycler, turning food scraps and garden waste into gardener's gold. Adding compost to your garden will also help conserve moisture and your plants will thrive!

3. Start Seeds
Starting your own fruits and vegetables from seed saves on packaging, pots and energy used for transportation. View our full online seed catalog »

4. Plant native plants
(to support beneficial insects and pollinators for your vegetables)

5. Grow Organically
Always avoid using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
It is proven that in the long these will do more damage than good.

6. Drive & Travel Less
Ride your bike to the store or to work.
Fly less. Enjoy your home and garden!

 7. Buy Less
Use washable cloth napkins and dishtowels instead of paper products.
Buy from local shops, and small companies directly.
Overall, buy less stuff, stop ordering unneeded items from Amazon just because the shipping is free – remember, shipping comes with a high energy footprint for transportation (often items from Amazon come from China) and it involves a lot of packaging.

8. Join a CSA
It's hard to grow ALL your own food, so join a CSA or visit a local farm or market to get seasonal, local food and produce that is packed with more nutrition as it's fresh!

Always try to shop local and support your local businesses and farmers.

Happy growing!