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Hand Pollinate Peppers

Hand Pollinate Peppers - pepper seeds

Do you need to hand pollinate peppers?
If growing outdoors in a pollinator-friendly garden, you shouldn't have any problems with your pepper flowers' pollination. Usually the bees and the breeze pollinate your peppers with great success. If you are finding that your pepper plants keep dropping blossoms without any peppers, below are some tips to keep the peppers coming all summer long: 

Pepper Pollination

Create a Pollinator Garden:

If you want a great harvest of peppers, enlist your pollinator friends! Entice bees and other pollinators to your vegetable garden by planting lots of flowers in and around your garden.

Never use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers!
Keep your garden all-natural and safe for pollinators.
We highly recommend using compost for pepper fertilization is one of the best free ways to keep your soil and therefore your pepper plants thriving.

Air Circulation & Full Sun: 

Make sure to space our your pepper plants so they have good air circulation and well spaced well so they aren't shaded by other plants.

Hand Pollinate Peppers

Hand Pollination of Peppers: 
If the pollinators aren't getting the job done and your pepper plants are producing flowers but not fruit, you may want to need hand pollinate. Using a small and clean paintbrush, brush the center bud of each flower, and go from flower to flower (just like a bee) to dust and "pollinate" the flowers. This will ensure that those blooms will turn into chile peppers! 

Chile Seeds
Grow unique peppers from seeds!
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Have you heard of Hatch Chiles?
These special green chiles are famous around the world ‚Äď originating in Hatch, New Mexico, they're amazingly delicious roasted!¬†Hatch chile plants are¬†easy to grow anywhere you can grow vegetables, so even if you don't live in New Mexico, we have customers who grow our Hatch varieties around the world with great success!¬†

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