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Growing Paprika

Growing Paprika

Here are some answers to a few common questions about growing Paprika:

Can I grow my own paprika?

Yes! It's easy to grow your own Paprika peppers to use in recipes. Paprika peppers grow in the same conditions as most peppers and vegetables, they like warm weather, full sun, and well-draining soil that's been amended with compost. Learn more about our top tips for growing peppers from seeds - all of these tips will help you grow productive Paprika plants!

What is sweet Paprika?

Paprika peppers are typically sweet, but they can lean towards a mild spice depending on the growing conditions.

Paprika Pepper Varieties:

Growing Paprika: Paprika Pepper Varieties

Our classic Paprika is typically more mild, with a Scoville rating of: 0 - 100.  NuMex R. Naky is used as a paprika cultivar in New Mexico because of its low heat level and its high level of red pigments. The NMSU CPI has just improved the NuMex R. Naky for brighter color and larger yields. It is now called the NuMex Vince Hernandez pepper and that is what we are offering now. The NM paprika crop is dehydrated and crushed into powder for use in a wide variety of food products and make-up. Uses include salsas, sauces, used whole, pickled, flakes, powdered and in goulash!

Growing Paprika: Paprika Varieties - Alma

Our Alma Paprika can be a little hotter with a Scoville rating ranging from: 0-500.  Alma is one of the best paprikas for drying, grinding, or picking straight from the plants and eating fresh. This popular heirloom produces 2” round, thick-walled peppers with a sweet flavor and a hint of warmth. Turns from creamy white to orange, then to red at maturity. The very productive plants are 24” tall and easy to grow. Paprika is a kitchen staple that is easy to make with homegrown peppers. Cut open, remove seeds, and dry the pepper flesh. Then use a spice grinder to make it into a powder. Store tightly in a jar.

How long does paprika take to grow?

Our Alma Paprika takes about 80 days to the beginning of harvest after starting from seed. Our classic Paprika also takes about 80 days to the start of the pepper harvest. If you live in an area with cold winters, we do recommend that you start your Paprika seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before the last frost is expected so they can get a head start before planting in the garden. The larger the root ball when you plant in the ground, the faster you'll enjoy a harvest!

How is paprika harvested?

You want to wait until the Paprika peppers turn red which means they are mature before picking. We like to use pruners to clip off the peppers so we don't damage the plant when pulling them off. 

Drying Paprika Peppers

How to dry paprika peppers?

Paprika peppers are easy to dry. You can often dry them on a counter, or string them up in a Ristra to dry in the sun. You could also put them in a dehydrator or on a super low temperature in your oven to dry faster.
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Happy growing!