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Grow the Yellow Carolina Reaper!

Grow Yellow Carolina Reaper Seeds

Yellow Carolina Reaper Seeds
Customer testimonials:

We have grown Yellow Carolina Reaper alongside the traditional Red Carolina Reaper for a few years now and it is a customer favorite. The germination is always near perfect and it produces beautiful peppers on nice strong plants!

I grew 3 Yellow Carolina Reaper plants from seed. I ordered from Sandia Seed Co. and they grew to be very large, robust plants and were absolutely loaded with peppers. These peppers are insanely hot, but have wonderful flavor for salsa's and homemade chili. I will definitely grow again.

I was stoked when I found these, I've been growing your red Carolina Reapers for many years, so when I saw they came in yellow I had to try them. Great flavor, great heat. Perfect for making hot sauce or salsas. I'll definitely be growing these brilliantly yellow beasts again!


Yellow Carolina Reaper Seeds

These are super hot and they have a great bright yellow color when ripe. Made a fantastic fermented hot sauce!

I really dig these new Yellow Carolina Reaper seeds – what a great vibrant new color! Still super hot, these yellow gems are now my favorite pepper to grow. I like to grow these to make hot sauce and to add to salsas and chile stews. These have a great flavor if tamed with other ingredients. I also loved that nearly every seed sprouted, I have not had luck with such great germination with super hot pepper seeds from other seed companies. I will be growing these every year.

How to Grow Carolina Reaper

Growing the Carolina Reaper is nearly as easy as most other peppers and vegetables, though they do like a warm germination period, and need a long growing season and lots of sun to grow the hottest pods in the world. 

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