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Got Giant Zucchini? Carve them into Jack-o-lanterns!

Giant Zucchini
Got Giant Zucchini?

Carve them into Jack-o-Lanterns! 

Carved Giant Zucchini

Now that the giant zuke posts have surfaced, I wanted to share this tip: Save a couple of those giant zucchini to make fun Jack-o-lanterns this Halloween! 

So if you accidentally grow a giant zucchini, don't worry! You can make stuffed zucchini boats, casseroles, and so much more with this giants. Or, if late in the season, you can save a couple big ones to carve into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! 

Giant Zucchini - Carved for Halloween!

Just cut in half, scoop out the seeds, and carve fun faces in them. They can be set on top candle (we put them on plates so the candle doesn't make a mess on the patio). 

Grow your own Black Beauty Zucchini Seeds!

Summer Squash Black Beauty produces a huge crop of tender zucchini squash during the summer. Harvest zucchini squash when the fruits are small. This will result in a more tender and flavorful squash. 

Easy to grow and a great choice for the beginner gardener. You can even plant these late in mid-summer for a fall harvest, we just planted some seeds in mounds at the end of July, and we already see some zucchini on the plants in late August! WOW! Talk about fast growing!

Happy growing!