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Gardening Gift Baskets

Gardening Gift Baskets - A Food Garden Seed Collection
Looking for unusual gardening gifts for your Mom, Dad or other family and gardener friends? This organic food garden seed collection is the perfect unusual gift that is sure to please any gardener in your life! It's not exactly a gardening gift basket, but it's even better! It comes with a garden tote that is perfect for collecting veggies in the garden or sharing the harvest, or shopping! 

Gardening Gift Baskets - A Food Garden Seed Collection from

The Organic Food Garden Seed Collection is designed as the perfect gift for gardeners! A one-of-a-kind item that will certainly be appreciated by everyone who receives it. Whether you're giving to a new gardener, a foodie, an organic farmer, a prepper, a fresh-market produce seller, a person desiring to become more self-reliant, or needless to say yourself, this is the perfect seed collection that includes all of the easiest vegetables to grow for a successful food garden that produces an abundant harvest.
Gardening Gift Baskets - A Food Garden Seed Collection from Sandia Seed

This Organic Seed Gift Set collection contains 20 packets of the easiest-to-grow vegetables. One each of the following varieties: 

Beet 'Detroit Dark', Bell Pepper 'YOLO', Broccoli 'Waltham 29', Carrot 'Danver's', Cayenne 'Long Slim', Corn 'Peaches n Cream', Cucumber 'Homemade Pickles', Eggplant 'Black Beauty', Green Bean 'Provider', Lettuce 'Little Gem', Muskmelon 'Hale's Best Jumbo', Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix', Onion 'White Lisbon', Pea 'Sugar Snap', Radish 'Cherry Belle', Spinach 'Bloomsdale', Sumer Squash 'Black Beauty' Sunflower 'Grey Stripe', tomato 'Rio Grande', and Watermelon 'Sugar Baby'. 

Unusual Gifts for Gardeners - A Food Garden Seed Collection with Garden Tote!

This unusual gardener gift also includes a 
Garden Instruction Sheet packed with useful information and a Cotton Tote Bag which is perfect for collecting the summer harvest! It is is wrapped with Kraft paper and cotton string to keep it eco-friendly. Reuse the string to tie up your tomatoes and compost or reuse the paper. :) This makes for the perfect Gardening Gift Basket!

So if you're shopping for gardeners who have everything, be sure to check out this wonderful seed collection gift set that is sure to please any gardener in your life!