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Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe - with Carolina Reapers

Fermented Hot Sauce

Here's a super simple recipe for hot sauce:

Hot Sauce Recipe - with Carolina Reapers (no Fermentation):

Add several garlic cloves, some onion, some tomatoes, and 1-3 Carolina Reapers and any other hot peppers you have on hand into a blender. Add salt to taste. You can also fire roast the ingredients before placing them in the blender for a smokier flavor.  Store in disinfected jars or bottles in the fridge for up to a year. 

Ferment your hot sauce for more flavor!
You can use a Fermentation Crock to make the most tasty tangy hot sauce that you can't get without fermenting. It's simple, you just make a brine (salt and water), then destem your peppers, and submerge peppers, garlic, onion and other veggies like carrots in the brine for 2-8 weeks to develop the amazing flavor via fermentation. Then, drain the peppers, put them in a food processor and add the brine back until you reach the desired consistency. Learn how here: Fermentation Crock Hot Sauce Recipe

Want more fermenting recipes and ideas? 
Here's a great website that is packed with information about fermenting peppers for hot sauces: