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Favorite Tomato Varieties

Favorite Tomato Varieties - Berkeley Tie-Dye from

One of our favorite tomato varieties is the Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato. Surprisingly, this large beefsteak tomato with beautiful metallic green stripes may not only be one of the prettiest tomatoes you can grow, it is also great for short-season gardens! The flesh is pink with yellow streaks and the flavor is outstanding - sweet, rich, dark heirloom tomato flavor. Despite their large size, these tomatoes are ready for harvest in just 65-75 days (compare that to other beefsteaks which usually range around 80-90 days for harvest.) Learn more about this tasty tomato.


Another favorite tomato variety is our beloved Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato. This classic heirloom tomato is a favorite due to it's excellent flavor that is extremely sweet and complex. This tomato is a long long-time customer because of it's amazing flavor, plus it harvests fairly early in  75-90 days, and is heat tolerant. 

Indigo Rose Tomato is another one of our favorite tomato varieties. This beloved tomato for it's amazing color. The first truly purple skinned tomato with clusters of round 2" fruits. The tomatoes start off a beautiful deep purple color, and, while they look ready to pick from the get-go due to their dark purple color, make sure to wait until they're ripe and are getting slightly soft for the best flavor. You also know they are ripe when the undersides of these purple tomatoes turn from green to a rosy red.

The Chocolate Cherry Tomato is another one of our top favorite tomato varieties. This customer-favorite is an early producer and is packed with great flavor!  If you garden in short-seasons, this is a great tomato that comes packed with all the flavor of the larger black heirloom tomatoes, but harvests starting in just 65 days. 


Favorite Tomato Varieties - from

We advise that you grow lots of tomato varieties to increase your odds for a great harvest. Plant Heirloom open-pollinated tomato seeds for great flavor and seed saving, and grow Hybrid tomatoes for vigor, yield and better disease resistance. 

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