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Fast Growing Seeds

Looking for vegetable seeds that grow fast?

It's never too late to start seeds! Whether it's because you're late in planting seeds, or if you are sowing seeds throughout the season and want to tuck more vegetables into your garden, here are our top fast growing seeds: 

Fastest growing Vegetables:

Fastest Growing Seeds: Radish Seeds

Cherry Belle Radish
is one of the earliest radishes to mature in spring - you can harvest these beauties in just 22-30 days from sowing! We direct sow them in the garden and they germinate in just a few days. The round, smooth, scarlet 1" roots have crisp, tender flesh that are perfect for fresh eating all season. Sow more seeds often to have a continual harvest. You can even eat the leaves (we like to stir fry them with garlic and oil.)  The radishes have an attractive bright red color make them a desirable addition to the garden.

Fastest Growing Seeds: Sugar Snap Pea Seeds

Peas begin harvesting in 65 days and are fast to germinate. We like to soak them overnight first, and then you can even see their little "tail" roots after soaking! Then we direct sow them in the garden. They are frost-hardy and can survive better in cold climates that most vegetables. Eating the crisp snap peas straight from the garden is one of the great joys of vegetable gardening.

Fastest Growing Seeds: Black Beauty Zucchini

The super fast-growing Zucchini is one of the most surprisingly fast growers in the garden! Summer Squash Black Beauty produces a huge crop of tender zucchini squash during the summer – starting to harvest in just 55 days, and then they keep producing all summer long through autumn. We like to sow the seeds directly in mounds and then thin to one plant per mound for the biggest harvest. Pick them small to keep them under control, and enjoy then roasted, sauteed, shredded, stuffed, you name it! These are also great to share with your neighbors and friends (if you pick them small!)

Fastest Growing Seeds: Lettuce Seeds

Another one of our favorite fastest growing seeds is lettuce! Begin to harvest fresh grown lettuce in just 50 days! Our organic Little Gem Lettuce are a cross between butterhead and romaine, giving it the unique trait of having romaine’s crunch with the sweetness and small size of a butterhead. Sow the seeds directly into the garden soil beginning in early spring or anytime throughout the summer. Lettuce seeds will germinate in 5-10 days depending on the soil temperature. Germination is slower in the cold weather of spring, these are also easily started indoors in a sunny window for transplanting later.



Fastest Growing Pepper Seeds
You can also grow our Fastest Growing Pepper Seeds which are faster to germinate than many peppers, and they are fast growing for those who live in short seasons or are late in planting seeds. We do like to start Pepper Seeds indoors for the fastest sprouting and growing. 

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Fastest Growing Tomato Seeds

We also have the fastest growing tomatoes for those of you who want to bite into a juicy homegrown tomato sooner this season. These short season tomatoes are sure to please, they're packed with flavor and they ripen sooner so you don't end up with a whole bunch of green tomatoes at the first frost! The seeds germinate fast and the seedlings grow quickly into robust tomato plants. Make sure to keep transplanting them into deeper pots as they grow, or plant them deep in your garden so they can grow big roots for faster growth.

Fast Growing Seeds for Classroom

Fast Growing Seeds for Classroom:

Try our Sugar Snap Peas, which germinate very quickly and are great for growing in a sunny classroom window. Their roots are a great example of nitrogen-fixing plants, you can even see the little nitrogen root nodules if you examine the roots closely. 

Radishes are also very fast growers, and their bright cherry red globes are delightful for kids to pick! Lettuce seeds are also fast growing, fast sprouting vegetable that provides nearly instant gratification.