Edible Ornamental Peppers

Edible Ornamental Peppers - Easter Pepper Seeds from SandiaSeed.com
Edible Ornamental Peppers

These NuMex Easter peppers are absolutely gorgeous in pastel! We'll be making room for these in the garden every year from here on out. They look stunning in containers!

Did you know that ornamental peppers are edible? 
Yes, ornamental peppers like these Easter Peppers are edible!
They make great hot pepper flakes after fully mature, or thrown anytime into salsa to kick up the heat. They are quite hot, much hotter than a jalapeño, so be warned, it may not take much to spice up your salsa! 

Edible Ornamental Peppers: Easter Pepper Seeds

Are ornamental peppers poisonous?

No, ornamental peppers aren't poisonous, but they often aren't rated for heat, and they are usually very hot! So, while we wouldn't eat them whole, we do chop them to add in recipes like taco or burrito filling, salsas, to spice up some refried beans, or adding to stews or casseroles to kick up the heat.

Edible Ornamental Pepper Salsa Recipe

Ornamental Pepper Recipes 
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You can use any ornamental peppers in any of these salsas to kick up the heat! Feel free to mix in other peppers, too, for more complex flavor.  

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