Discount Seeds

Posted on 08 July 2019

Discount Seeds

We offer Discount Seeds so you can grow peppers more affordably in your garden! Check out our Discount Seeds including our 3-Packs with three popular pepper seeds – with a thrifty 15% seed discount. No promo codes or coupon codes needed! 

We put together these discount seeds with some of our most-beloved seed varieties that customers order most to make it more affordable to grow lots of peppers in your garden.  These discount seeds are great because they feature our most prolific and tasty or spicy pepper seeds. What a great way to save money AND grow the best chiles in your garden!

Wondering how to grow these chile peppers in your garden?
We have included lots of growing tips here:
Top Pepper Growing Tips »

Discounted pepper Seeds 3-packs 15% Off Discount

This Discount Seeds is a great deal with a 3-Pack with the Jalapeño M, Poblano, and Serrano pepper seeds. If you love Mexican food, then grow these chiles and harvest Jalapeños for salsa or poppers, Poblanos for relleños and Serranos for pico de gallo, salsas and so much more. These discount seeds do great in containers, and are some of the easiest peppers to grow. 

Discounted pepper Seeds 3-packs 15% Off Discount

This special 3-Pack of Super Hot Pepper Seeds includes discount seeds with three of our hottest peppers that are also our best-sellers: the famous Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper seeds; the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper; and the almost as hot Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. These peppers aren't really best for eating whole, but we do think that these super hot peppers go great in salsa recipes and hot sauce.


Discount Seeds - Green and Red Chile Seeds 3-Pack of seed packets

The New Mexico chiles in this discounted Green and Red Chile Seeds 3-Pack includes seed discounts for one of our most popular selling seeds of all: the Big Jim Legacy Green Chile with it's super thick flesh and large size. Also included is the beautiful Chimayo red chile,  a Landrace Heirloom that is medium-hot and often dried and made into red chile powder. And last but not least is our NuMex Sandia Select green chile, which is a New Mexico favorite for it's wonderful spicy flavor and aroma. 


Looking for more  Discount Seeds? 

In addition to these discount seed packs above, we do offer coupon codes and discounts regularly to our seed customers. To be sure you can take advantage of our seed discounts, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest as we post contests and coupon codes often.

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For more cheap vegetable seeds options,
check out the seed packets below that
each have 30 seeds per packet
to grow more peppers for less:

Seed Discounts – Buy our Bulk Seeds:
If you are a grower and you need a lot of pepper seeds to plant a large farm, urban farm, or community garden, check out our Bulk Seeds.

Growing vegetables from discount seeds is one of the cheapest ways to put food on the table. Learn how to germinate nearly EVERY seed, plus other great tips for large harvests on our How to Grow Peppers page.

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