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Chilli Stickers

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Every seed order comes with a free sticker!

Chilli Stickers from

Get a free sticker when you order any of our seeds! These fun stickers show off your love of chiles!  We usually give out our little red chile sticker to customers that buy hot peppers about half the time and the other half get the watering can. Our tomato orders usually get a tomato sticker,  and seed orders with Hatch chile seeds typically get a green Hatch chile sticker. Sometimes its random, but every order gets a sticker! 


Tomato Sticker from Sandia Seed: To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow.

Sticker from Sandia Seed: To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow.

P.S. In New Mexico, we spell chile with an e, but around the world chile is spelled in different ways including chili, chilli, chillies, chilies, you name it. Whatever way you spell it, show off your love of the spicy life with one of our fun chile-shaped stickers!


Seed Catalog from Sandia Seed includes a Free Chilli Sticker!

Our small seed company specializes in offering the infamous New Mexican Hatch chile seeds which are know around the world for their exceptional smoky spicy flavor in recipes. If you like super spicy, then make sure to grow any of our favorite super hot peppers including the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper! And we also offer sweet pepper seeds for everyone who likes flavor – peppers are one of the best vegetables you can grow in your garden for flavor, productivity, and beauty. View our full online seed catalog that features over 100 peppers and 44 tomatoes!

Thanks for all your orders!  Happy growing!