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Bring Italy to your Pepper Garden

Jimmy Nardello
Heirloom - Sweet Italian Frying Pepper - Peperone!

Giuseppe Nardello brought this heirloom from Italy to the states, where it was introduced in 1887. This variety has been grown and cherished for generations. Its almost uncanny sweet, fruity flavor makes it so tempting and delightful to be eaten straight off the plant, but traditional Italian cuisine typically uses them for frying. Open-pollinated, Non-GMO.
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Giant Marconi
Hybrid ‚Äď Sweet Italian Roasting/Grilling Pepper -¬†Pepperone!

This pepper¬†has peak flavor when its¬†color is a rich, bright red. The flavor is wonderful raw, but is richer when grilled or roasted. Chosen as a 2001 All-America Selections Winner for its adaptability, earliness, flavor, and yield. An Italian sweet pepper that lives up to its name, producing large 8‚ÄĚ long fruits. Non-GMO.
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Heirloom - Sweet Italian Frying Pepper - Delizioso!

A pepper that is growing in popularity because of its wonderful sweet mild flavor. These bright green thin-walled peppers add a pretty color for frying and cooking and grow to 5" long. Cut them from the stem when they are yellowish green, or they can also be left on the plant to mature to bright red. Open-pollinated, Non-GMO.
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