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Big Jim Seeds - Grown around the world!

Big Jim SeedsOur NuMex Heritage Big Jim green chile seeds are one of our top-selling seeds. The plants yield large meaty pods can reach up to 12” in length,  growing on productive and large 36” plants. You can easily grow Big Jim green chiles, as well as any of our Hatch chile seed varieties all over the world!

One of our customers recently wrote this review below on the infamous Big Jim seeds that he orders from us each year and grows them in Ontario, Canada. A lot of customers ask us if they can grow green chiles in areas outside New Mexico, from the north or deep south – and the answer is YES – you can grow chiles pretty much anywhere, except for the arctic of course ... unless you have a geothermal greenhouse or something! ;) 



Big Jim Seeds Customer Review in Canada

"I live in the Grand River Valley in Ontario, Canada. I have for the past 2 years successfully grown these peppers up here in the Great White North. I start them in my Basement, in seed pots in a seed tray over a Seed Heating Tray, in Late January until early February. I transplant them in 4 inch Plastic Containers until after March 24th, the date we can guarantee Frost is gone. Then they get put in pots and in my Garden. They are one delicious pepper. 

I dry some, I make recipes with them, is so love these peppers and I so thank Sandia Seeds so much for offering and sending me these seeds." – Palladini  

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