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Best Seed Catalog for 2020!

Best Seed Catalog for 2020

If you're looking for the Best Seed Catalogs for 2020, make sure to check out Sandia Seed's new Seed Catalog, packed with over 100 different types of pepper seeds from around the world, as well as 44 tomato seeds. Many of our seeds are Organic, and all of them are non-GMO of course!
Support our small, woman-owned seed company and spread the love of peppers in your neck of the woods. We specialize in Hatch Chile seeds, which are green chiles grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico. We think you'll agree that these New Mexican Chiles are the best tasting chiles you can grow, no matter where your garden is located! When roasted, deseeded and peeled, they can be chopped and added to anything from sandwiches to stews to hot sauces. Grow both Red and green chile so you can make Christmas-styled smothered burritos (half red and half green chile sauces). We also sell lots of the hottest pepper seeds, including Carolina Reaper seeds, so you can grow the hottest pepper in the world in your garden. Don't miss our sweet pepper seeds as well, we have tons of amazingly delicious sweet peppers that are easy to grow in your vegetable patch. 

2020 Seed Catalog - packed with Peppers and Tomato seeds

Get your Seed Catalog for 2020:

To enjoy a seed catalog of your own, order your copy for just $2 today, or download our Seed Catalog for free to look through. It's packed with recipes, growing tips, and of course, tons of seed varieties to learn about. This seed catalog will keep you warm and toasty and dreaming of an amazing 2020 gardening season!

Best Seed Catalog for 2020 from Sandia Seed
P.S. The other book pictured above is called The Foodscape Revolution, written by the delightful author and gardener Brie Arthur. In her book, she looks at under-utilized garden spaces around homes or in the landscaped common spaces of planned communities – and she sees places where food can be grown…lots and lots of it. Of course, we think growing peppers in your garden can be a beautiful way to foodscape! Pepper plants are quite handsome, and can be very ornamental in addition to providing delicious peppers.