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Best Salt Substitute: Hot Peppers!

Best Salt Substitute: Hot Peppers

Watching your salt intake?
One of our favorite ways to spice up a dish without salt is none other than hot peppers! Any spicy peppers are a great way to get your tastebuds excited about anything you eat. We love growing hot peppers and then drying them and crushing into hot pepper flakes or powder so that we can sprinkle flavor on anything including sandwiches, soups, tacos, burritos, wraps, burgers, pizza, you name it!!

Clean Salt-Substitute: 
The great thing about hot pepper flakes is that there are no preservatives or other odd ingredients, they're just 100% pepper flakes! And, if you grow your own organic plants from hot peppers seeds and make your own hot pepper flakes, you know there is no pesticides or chemicals added, too. 

If you don't have a dehydrator, there are lots of other ways to dry your hot peppers so that you can crush them into hot pepper flakes or powder.
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 Best Salt Substitute: Hot Pepper Flakes

So next time, skip the salt and reach for the hot pepper flakes! You're heart and health will thank you, and your tastebuds will be stoked, too! 

Here are some of our favorite hot peppers to add tons of flavor to your meals: 

Best Salt Substitute: Hot Pepper Flakes - try using any of these red hot peppers!