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Best Hatch Chile Seeds Review

Another happy customer review, thanks for sharing, Michele!

We love hearing stories of gardeners growing our Hatch chile seeds all over the country! Because if you can't live in New Mexico, at least you can grow a little New Mexico in your garden, right?! 

Best Hatch Chile Seeds Review

“Hello — Last year, a friend gave me...and I purchased several packages of Hatch green chile, Big Jim & Anaheim seeds. I planted them as suggested indoors about 8 weeks ahead of spring...then planted the small seedlings when the risk of frost was gone. What a bumper crop I have been getting all summer and fall! My freezer is more than half full of your green chilies!!! And the chilies taste fabulous! As a former New Mexico resident for 10+ years, it's a treat to have my green chile addiction growing in my back yard here in Kansas.”

~ Michele from Kansas

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Best Hatch Chile Seeds - Review