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A Bumblebee Pollinating a Pepper Blossom

Bee pollination of peppers

Check out this Bumblebee pollinating a Pepper blossom – look at that pollen stash! Bumblebees, honeybees and other native bees all help pollinate pepper and chiles so you get more fruit. Planting flowers in and around your garden will help bring these helpful creatures to do their part in growing more peppers!


Peppers are self-fertilizing and can be pollinated by the wind as they have both male and female parts (the anther and stigma) in the same flower, so bees are not necessary for pollination. However, the vibrations created by bees visiting the flowers ensures fertilization more so than just wind alone. The way it works is that pollen is shaken by a bee and transfers from the anthers to the stigma, the center part of the flower, resulting in successful fertilization and the creation of a chile pepper.

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