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Grow Big Tomatoes!

This tomato looks good and smells even better, but I’m not buying it for $6.99/lb! It’s just too easy to grow huge yummy tomatoes all summer long. Start with beef-steak seed varieties like Mortgage Lifter, Big Rainbow, Hillbilly, Pineapple, and Brandywine. Transplant seedlings into larger containers at least twice before moving them to the garden. Transplant your tomatoes outside as early as possible into good soil. Harden them off, set the plants deeply, and protect new transplants with water filled insulators or row covers. Fertilize regularly during the growing season with a variety of liquid fertilizers, foliar feedings, and top dressings of compost or granular fertilizers. Grow your tomato plants as big as possible with fertilizer, water, full sun and support. Use 5’ tall tomato cages and stack them for even more height. Pinch off the earliest blossoms and then allow only 1 or 2 tomatoes to grow per cluster. Mulch, with straw or plastic to conserve moisture and prevent water splash which can spread disease and avoid overhead watering.

Then after you weigh your beauties and take pictures, make a delicious one tomato slice sandwich. Can’t wait!