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Seed Planting Information

It is easy to start seeds indoors.

You will need small containers, filled with soil, water, seeds, warmth, and bright light. Tip: Seeds germinate in half the time with a heated seedling mat under them.

Small styrofoam /plastic cups or plastic seedling trays with individual cells work best. Your pots must have drainage holes so water can drain completely out.

Fill each cup/cell with at least 3” (up to 5-6” is fine) of bagged potting soil. Moisten the soil completely with water. Tip: Seedling mix is best. 

With the eraser end of a pencil gently push into the soil approximately ¼” deep to make a small hole. Then place one seed in this hole and cover it with the nearby soil. Tip: Don’t plant your seeds too deep.

After all seeds are placed into the soil and covered up, it is time to water the tray again (use warm water if possible). Do this carefully so the seeds are not disturbed. Drain. Tip: A plastic water bottle with a small pop up spout works well.

Put your filled seedling tray in a warm area with bright light. An electric heated seedling mat can be on 24 hours and provide 85 degree heat. Tip: Never let the seeds get below 65 degrees at night.

The soil dries out quickly when it stays this warm all the time, so watch carefully. They will probably need to be watered everyday. Tip: Never let the seeds get dry.

A grow light can be on 12 hours each day. Keep it 3” higher than the seedlings and raise the light as they grow in height. Germination can take 7-21 days depending on variety.