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Plant Seeds for 2016 Now!

The time is now to plan your garden and get your seeds started indoors! Every garden has its own personality, just like every gardener has their own personality. Is your garden the ‘very precise decisions all the way’ or a ‘let’s just see what happens’ plan? It really doesn’t matter, but what matters now is starting tomato and pepper seeds indoors. If you start your seeds early, your plants will be larger and have better root systems developed before being transplanted outside. If you're not ready it's alright. Seeds can be started for your 2016 garden anytime from now all the way to June 1st.

My garden is halfway between a ‘plan’ and a ‘free for all’, because it evolves along the way. It consists of vegetables that I like to eat, and some new varieties that I haven’t tried yet. Compost, crop rotation, and plant spacing are important. Also, pepper seeds do not thrive in acidic peat pots, so don’t try it. Find more information at

Gardening is an art, not a science - Patsy