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Make Hot Pepper Infused Vodka for a Gift

This is very easy and makes an impressive gift for Christmas or birthdays.

First - Buy a bottle of vodka.

Second - Place a small piece of habanero into the vodka and replace cap.

Third - After one week remove the habanero piece.

Fourth - Label and gift it!

The first step is to buy good vodka in the mid-price range. Brands like Svedka, Absolut or Smirnoff work well for infusing.

The second step is to use a hot pepper that hasn’t been in the refrigerator and is blemish free. Good choices are chocolate or orange/red habanero, jalapeno, bhut jolokia or any hot pepper flavor you like. The piece of pepper placed into the bottle should be less than one inch square.

You can test your infusion after 3-4 days, because it might be finished, or leave it for a few more days. The vodka is infused when it tastes good and makes your lips very warm.

Removing the hot pepper piece from the bottle can be a challenge. It can be pierced with a metal skewer and brought out. Another way is to pour the vodka into a glass bowl and remove the pepper piece. Then use a funnel to pour the vodka back into the bottle. Cheesecloth can be placed in the funnel to catch any tiny pieces left behind.

Finally, be creative when labeling your hand made product. You worked hard on this and it is for a special person. Presentation is important! Enjoy!