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Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for your favorite gardener! We have tried everything listed, and I have wrote my personal opinion for each one. The pictures are at the bottom. I hope this list gives you an idea for your special gardener. ~ Patsy Coles - Owner Sandia Seed Company

Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity. 


Gardening Gift Baskets - A Food Garden Seed Collection

Looking for the perfect gardening gift? This 
organic food garden seed collection is sure to please any gardener in your life! It comes with 20 varieties of easy-to-grow vegetables with growing tips, wrapped in a garden tote that is perfect for collecting veggies in the garden or sharing the harvest, or shopping! 

  • Sandia Seed Company Pepper and Tomato seeds. The packets are beautiful and make a nice gift or stocking stuffer. Click here for Seeds

  • Seedling Heat Mat is a must have. Seeds can take weeks longer to germinate if they cool off at night. The 9 x 19-1/2" fits nicely under one grow tray. Keep the seedling mat plugged in 24 hours per day. The seedling soil will dry out quickly on this mat. Pay close attention and keep your soil moist at all times. You may have to water everyday.  Click here for Seedling Mat

  • The Jump Start T5 Grow Light system is THE BEST as far as lighting for a seedling tray goes. The light ballast can be lowered to be 2-4" from your seedlings , and then raised as they grow taller. This avoids the elongating of plants trying to reach light. The light be can plugged into a light timer and then into an outlet. 12 hours on and 12 off is good. Click here for Grow Light

  • West County Gloves are excellent. I have tried so many gloves and always go back to West County. They are quality made and fit great. The gloves are thin enough that you can feel what you're doing and thick enough to protect your skin. Yard work and gardening are so enjoyable with nice gloves. Also, mine see a lot of mud and they hose off nicely while still on, and dry fast. Click here for Gloves

  • J.A. Henckel International Kitchen Shears are very useful for so many things. Mine made their way from the kitchen out into the garden years ago and have never left. I use them: to cut peppers and tomatoes off the vine, to cut floral wire and huge zip ties, and to open bottle caps. This is one of my all time favorites, and the title should say Garden Shears! Click here for Shears

  • San Diego Hat Women's Stripe Ribbon Crusher Hat I wear this hat everyday. I admit it, I always wore baseball caps in the garden, but now I hide my face and neck from the sun. This hat looks good on everyone, because of the brim. It can be shaped up in front for style, or the sides can be up, or pulled down to cover your whole face. It's lightweight and you forget you're wearing it. It washes off easy, and folds up small. Click here for Hat 

  • Teva's Women's Sandals are my gardening clogs. So reliable and I can easily slip them on and off. The top velcro strap can be tightened easily. They clean up easy and can be worn out to lunch. Sometimes I misplace things, but these are always waiting for me at the back door. I love them. Click here for Sandals

  • Seedling Cell Trays make seed germination so easy. The trays need drainage holes. They can be placed directly into a tray without holes to keep table dry. The 18 cell is a good size if you are not going to bump your seedlings up to another pot size before transplanting outside. It will produce a nice tight root system in 8 - 12 weeks. Click here for Trays

  • Seedling Mix for your seeds needs to be fine with great water holding properties and nutrients. Black Gold is a good one to choose. If tiny sticks are present remove them from the seedling mix. Don't use outdoor soil or peat pellets. Click here for Seedling Mix

  • Superthrive as a liquid fertilizer. Once a week, starting after the first week. Water your seedling tray with a dilute solution of Superthrive and water. Continue to fertilize your plants throughout the whole season. I alternate this with low nitrate balanced fertilizers once the plants are growing outside. Another great stocking stuffer. Click here for Superthrive

  • Gilmore 528T Solid Brass Twist Nozzle. While I described most of these items, I realized almost all of them were washed off with the hose after getting it dirty! So, I have to say that I use a 4" brass twist nozzle on my hoses. It is so easy to turn on and off and saves a lot of water. It has never broke, and survives being dropped or run over. Click here for Nozzle

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