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Manzano - Rare Chile with Black Seeds

Manzano Pepper Seeds - Hot Pepper for Partial Shade or Mountain Growing

The Manzano Pepper  is the only chile to have black seeds. The flowers are a stunning purple and the plant has fuzzy leaves. It is part of the Capsicum pubescens species from the Andes region making it a cool climate chile pepper. It prefers to grow in a protected spot out of fierce sunlight and wind, such as on your patio. Provide it with a large container and a climbing trellis. If protected from frost it can live for 15 years and grow a vine over 10' high.

Manzano Pepper Plant - unripe peppers

The thick fleshed apple-shaped peppers can be up 2" long and turn to a yellow-orange color when reaching maturity. The Manzano chile has a slow creeping type of heat with outstanding apricot-like fruity flavor, which makes it excellent for chutneys, hot sauces and jams.

Manzano Pepper Plants are Vine-like and tolerate partial shade

The very rare Manzano Orange Rocoto seeds are available here. The Manzano pepper generally rates between 15,000 and 30,000 Scoville Heat Units so it's nice and spicy! Great for salsas and hot sauce.

Manzano Rocoto Pepper Seeds - a pepper for partial shade

These Manzano / Rocoto chiles also grow great in greenhouses! 

Grow your own Manzano peppers this summer!

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