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Plant Spacing in the Garden

There are so many choices when you plant vegetable varieties from seed. Peppers and tomatoes are some of the easiest to grow from seed for transplanting into your home garden. Start seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the date you intend to set peppers and tomatoes into the garden. As the season gets later, your seeds can also be placed directly in the garden after the soil temperature has risen to at least 65°F at night. Plant spacing for peppers is usually the same distance measurement as the height of the pepper plant.  

Pepper Examples: Early Jalapeno plants grow to 24” tall, so space the Early Jalapeno plants 24” apart.

Big Jim NuMex Heritage is a 36” tall plant, so space between plants will be 36”.

Tomato Example: Generally spacing can be 3’ to 5’ apart, as they are trained to grow upright with tomato cages. There are exceptions for smaller plants and containers.

Tip: Save valuable garden space by placing your transplants in diamond pattern rows.

            Y                      Y                      Y                      Y         

Y                      Y                      Y                      Y                      

            Y                      Y                      Y                      Y