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NuMex Jalmundo is back!

Jalapeno seeds

We are excited to announce we now have the NuMex Jalmundo Jalapeno seeds in stock! There is a limited supply, so the seed count in each packet is now 10 seeds. If you have 10 plants growing in your garden this summer you will be able to supply the whole neighborhood with jalapenos! This pepper is non-gmo and open-pollinated and the seeds can be saved to grow the following season.

Why is the NuMex Jalmundo so great?

It's an extra large jalapeno developed for America's love of jalapeno popper appetizers. This jumbo jalapeno is bigger and has more heat than the early jalapeno. It's easy to grow in containers and matures early.

You will be harvest non-stop yields of large green meaty jalapenos up to 5" long and 2-1/2" wide from productive 30” plants. NuMex Jalmundo turns from green to red as it matures. Dry the red jalapenos by wood smoking for chipotle! Capsicum annuum (78 days) Heat Level: Very Hot   Scoville 17,000  

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