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Hatch Green Chile Seeds

Hatch Chile Seeds

If you've ever tried Hatch Chile grown in New Mexico, you know it has the best flavor in the world! When roasted, green chiles turn into buttery, smoky goodness and they are delicious in all sorts of recipes. Try them as burger toppers, or on pizza, or whip up a batch of Hatch Chile Salsa

Mild Hatch Chile Seeds
Growing Hatch Chiles from seed is very rewarding and it means you can enjoy the amazing green chile flavor wherever you live! Sandia Seed sells all sorts of easy-to-grow Hatch chile seeds, in all heat-levels so whether you like Mild Hatch chile, or super Hot Hatch Chile, or a mix between, we have you covered!

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Not sure if you can grow Hatch chile varieties in your area? Check out these photos below from a Wyoming Chile Gardener who grows chiles every year. If you can grow vegetables like tomatoes in your garden, then you can grow Hatch Chile seeds! We have people growing our green chiles in Japan, Australia and all around the rest of the world! Because if you can't live in New Mexico, at least you can grow your own green chile!

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Sandia Seed Hatch Chile Seeds grown in Wyoming