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Best Peppers for Pickles & Kimchis

Best Peppers for Pickles & Kimchis - Banana peppers

Customer Question: 
“I'm looking for for low-medium Scoville chiles for pickling and kimchis. Good growing season to you & yours.”
  - Ken from Oregon

Here are our top picks for good peppers for pickling and kimchis:

Fushimi Pepper
Sweet Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper
Sweet Banana Pepper
Beaver Dam Pepper

Medium Heat:
Hot Hungarian Yellow Wax Seeds
Try any of our Jalapeno Seeds

Hotter Peppers:
Santa Fe Grande
Cayenne - Las Cruces NuMex
Goat Horn Pepper
Thai Hot Pepper

Of course, you can pickle any of our peppers (we have over 100 peppers from around the world to choose from!), so don't limit yourself to this selection above! Try growing a range of sweet to medium heat to super hot peppers in your pickles and kimchis. We like using super hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper or any of our Ghost Peppers to heat up a batch of cucumber pickles, or adding in small doses to kimchis or even pickled banana peppers to give them more zing. 

It's fun to have different colored peppers for colorful kimchis and pickles. :)

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Happy Growing!