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Sandia Seed

Wholesale Pepper Seed Assortment - 30 Varieties - 180 packets WITH Counter-top display.

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This wonderful pre-packed assortment includes all of our best sellers. It offers a big selection of peppers for many culinary uses, the mild to hot Hatch Green chiles, Super Hot peppers, and ornamental peppers. Our ready-made assortment of 30 different pepper varieties with 6 seed packets each makes it easy to become a retailer.

A total of 180 seed packets. (15) varieties retail at $2.49 and wholesale at $1.25 and (15) varieties retail at $3.99 and wholesale at $1.99. With a 30-pocket display included. 

This great selection includes Alma Paprika, Anaheim Sonora Mild, Bhut jolokia Red
Big Jim Legacy, Biquinho Yellow, Bulgarian Carrot, Cayenne Purple, Fushimi, 
Habanero Chocolate, Hatch Green Med.- Big Jim, Hatch Green Mild Guizeppi,
Hatch Green XHot-Rattlesnake, Hatch Red Hot- Sandia Hot, Jalmundo NuMex,
Jimmy Nardello ORG, Mirasol Mosco Pueblo, Patio Fire & Ice, Pepperoncini Golden Greek, Pequin, Poblano Ancho Gigantea, Poblano Mulato Isleno, Sandia Select NuMex,
Santa Fe Grande, Serrano Tampiqueno, Shishito, Sweet Banana, Sweet Red Cherry,
Tabasco, Thai Hot, and Trinidad Douglah/Choc. 7 Pot.
Substitutions may occur.

We will ship in 3-5 business days. If a future shipping date is desired, please put that information in the notes section.

Other Options: 

1. Order this 180 packet Assortment without a display for $291.60 plus shipping. 

2. Place a custom order for 30 different varieties to fit into a display. Pricing is 50% off the pre-printed retail price on the packets. Find the order form here, or fill your shopping cart. Then order an EMPTY 30-pocket counter-top display for $55.00. 


The popular wholesale pepper seed packet assortment fits into the 30 pocket Sandia Seed Counter-top Seed Display which is sold separately – make sure to add the seed rack display to your cart as well if desired. We also encourage the recycling of old seed racks and spinner displays.