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Sandia Seed Company

Sizzling Hot Peppers 6-Pack - 15% off

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Sizzling Peppers 6-pack sampler price is 15% off at $20.35 compared to purchasing each packet separately at retail $23.94.

These peppers are all about the sizzle with their sky-high Scoville Heat Units.  Enjoy the intense burn of all six peppers and share them with your friends.

Carolina Reaper                    Stupid Hot  1,500,000-2,000,000

Trinidad Scorpion                  Extreme, Severe and Intense  1,400,000

Ghost Pepper Bhut jolokia   Dangerous Hot 1,000,000

Devil’s Tongue                        Extra Super-Hot  400,000

Habanero Red                        Extra Super-Hot 400,000

Jamaican Yellow Hot             Extremely Hot  250,000

This is a smoking Hot deal with 15% off.