Dried Pepper Names

Posted on 30 March 2021

Dried Chile Names

Do you dry out your chile pods for year-round use?

Did you know chile have different names depending on if they are fresh or dried?

Dried Jalapeños = Chipotle
Dried Poblanos = Ancho
Dried Anaheim Chile = Colorado
Dried Mirasol = Guajillo
Dried Serrano = Chile Seco
Dired Chilaca = Pasilla

Drying chile pods is a great way to store them for year-round use. We keep jars of whole dried chiles in our spice cupboard to crush onto everything from burritos, tacos, stews, sandwiches or pizza. Yum!

Dried Chile Names from Sandiaseed.com


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how to dry peppers without a dehydrator »

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