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  1. Hot Pepper Seeds Our collection of Hot Peppers include: Several varieties of Jalapeño seeds, Cayenne, Jalmundo, Goat Horn, Serrano, Bulgarian Carrot, Devil's Tongue, Red Caribbean Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Pequin, Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Tabasco, Thai Hot. Our term Hot Peppers here covers the heat range of 10,000 to 450,000 Scoville Heat Units. Want hotter? Check out our Hottest Pepper Seeds »
  2. Leap Year 2024 Happy Leap Year – cheers for an extra day! Jump start your salsa recipes with our Leapfrog Sale! Get 29% off our Leapfrog collection of Jalapeños, Serranos & Cayennes with Discount Code: LEAPFROG2024