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  • Tomato - Garden Peach Heirloom Seeds

Tomato - Garden Peach Heirloom Seeds

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Open-pollinated heirloom  (71 days)

Fruit Color: Yellow. Shape: Round. Size: 2-4 oz. Plant Habit: Indeterminate  Plant Size: 5’

Tomatoes have fuzzy skin just like a peach! They are mildly sweet 2-4 oz fruits that are fun to grow and quite a novelty.

History: This heirloom was developed in 1890 by plant breeder Elbert S. Carman andwas introduced as a novelty in the Hallock & Sons 1890 seed catalog. In 1893 Burpee described this heirloom as "delicate, melting in the mouth like a grape".

Organic Heirloom non-GMO    10 Seeds

All of our seeds are GMO-free.

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