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Watering Peppers

Watering Peppers: Yellow Leaves from Overwatering

Shown above: Yellow Leaves from Overwatering

Here are some of our top tips for watering your indoor grown pepper seedlings: 

Keep your seedings
lightly moist, don't overwater seedlings! 
The yellow leafed pepper seedlings above are yellow from having soggy roots.
Make sure to let the soil dry out slightly between watering – keep your soil lightly moist, not wet.

Watering Peppers with Room-Temperature Water:
Fill up a watering can and let it come to room temperature when watering your seedings, and avoid shocking them with cold tap water in the winter months.  

Watering Peppers: Harden off peppers before transplanting into garden

Harden off your seedlings when you introduce them to the outdoors:

Make sure to harden off your seedlings when bringing outdoors. Take 5-7 days, start them in the shade on a nice day, then bring them inside if it's cold at night.  Then, over several days, slowly introduce them to more sun to let them get strong and adjusted to the harsh rays of the sun. 

Watering Peppers & Transplanting:
After transplanting, make sure to water them in. If the garden or potting soil is dry, we also like to add water to the hole before transplanting the pepper seedlings to make sure there is plenty of moisture down deep where the roots are.

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