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Potted Pepper Plants

Grow your own potted pepper plants with any of our seeds. Sandia Seed carries seeds for over 100 peppers from around the world, so you can grow the perfect potted pepper plant for your home or garden. Some people even train peppers into bonsai-type pepper trees that live for years.

We carry a wide variety Ornamental Pepper Seeds that are show-stoppers as potted pepper plants, and they are all also edible ornamental peppers and are beloved in the kitchen for use in flavoring everything from salsas to stews, and chile, of course.

Potted Pepper Plant

The Goat Horn Pepper, shown above, is a lovely and elegant plant and can make a statement as a potted plant. 

Potted Pepper Plants - Jalapeno Seeds

If you like spicy, consider growing any of our Jalapeño seeds, which all do well in pots and are also early to harvest, making them great for short seasons and impatient gardeners. (like us) 

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Potted Pepper Plants - Best Peppers for Containers and Pots