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Pepper X

Pepper X

Looking for Pepper X seeds?

Pepper X is the new Guinness World Record holder for being the world's hottest pepper. But unfortunately, Ed Currie, Pepper X's creator, is NOT selling any seeds so they are not yet available to grow. According to the creator, Pepper X is a patented variety and Pepper X seeds are not going to be available.

You can buy his hot sauces with the Pepper X, but not any seeds, plants or pods. He's keeping his baby close for now.

Read more about Pepper X, including how Pepper X was tested to receive the Guinness crown, dethroning Ed's famously super hot Carolina Reaper (which you can get seeds for, and believe us, it's plenty hot to knock your socks off!)

Hottest Pepper Seeds

If you like super hot, in addition to growing the Reaper, we also highly recommend growing seeds for Ghost Peppers and the wicked hot Trinidad Scorpion pepper! Your tastebuds will thank you with lots of endorphins.

Sizzling Hot Pepper Seeds 6-Pack

Also be sure to try our Sizzling Peppers 6-pack Seed Sampler
These peppers are all about the sizzle with their sky-high Scoville Heat Units.  Enjoy the intense burn of all six peppers and share them with your friends.

Hottest Pepper Seeds

Caution: growing and eating super hot peppers is addictive. You'll keep craving more! But don't worry if you can't grow the Pepper X pepper, as the Carolina Reaper and these other super hot peppers are sure to bring on the sweats and endorphin rush.

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