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How long to let pepper seeds go before giving up on them?

How long to let seeds go without sprouting before giving up on them and trying more?

Recent customer question:
How long to let pepper seeds go without sprouting
before giving up on them and trying more?

Pepper seeds are slow to germinate, so we recommend waiting at least a month before giving up on them! Some super hot pepper seeds take 21+ days to sprout, so be patient and wait.

Heat Helps!
It IS important to keep pepper seeds warm for fastest and most successful germination, we like to use a heat mat to keep the pepper seeds at 80-90˚ F. If they are not kept warm, many super hot pepper seeds can take a very long time (21+ days) to germinate if they germinate at all. 

Keep in mind, if you are trying to germinate pepper seeds near a window, they can get cold at night. Seeds could take several times as long to germinate this way. Having a seedling heat mat can make a huge difference in how fast they sprout, so don't go without!

Overall, we wouldn't suggest waiting more than two months for your pepper seeds to germinate, but pretty much anything under that is fair game especially if conditions aren't exactly ideal. 

How long to wait for pepper seeds to sprout?

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