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Hot Pepper Companion Plants

Hot Pepper Companion Plants: Marigolds for Peppers

Do you plant marigolds with your peppers and tomatoes? We think they help keep the plants healthy and pest-free!

Marigolds can help repel beetles, nematodes, aphids, potato bugs and squash bugs on not only peppers but other veggies, too! We love planting marigolds among our pepper plants and tomato plants. Marigolds also release a substance from their roots that wards off nematodes and eel worms, which target peppers and other veggies in the garden. Nasturtium flowers are also  great companions for pepper plants.

Native Marigold:
We just started some seeds from a neighbor for a native marigold called the Fetid Marigold (Dyssodia papposa). Stay tuned as we'll photograph it our garden this summer! It's not as showy as these marigolds shown above with our Santa Fe Grande peppers, but it is native so the beneficial insects and pollinators will love it!  Fetid-marigold is a native of the Central United States, and is probably ephemeral in the Northeast.

Below is a photo of the Fetid Marigold:
Hot Pepper Companion Plants: Fetid Marigold
Photo Source:

A little blurb about Fetid Marigold from the site above:
A favorite of mine, not because of its bloom but for its odor. Yes it is called Fetid Marigold, but ALL marigolds are called “fetid.” This has a refreshing, cleansing, invigorating smell. Not unlike the affects of pine scent. 

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