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Carolina Reaper Seeds are Back in Stock!

Carolina Reaper Seeds back in Stock!


Our Carolina Reaper Seeds are back in stock at Sandia Seed! Get them while they last... these are one of our best selling seeds – as they grow the hottest peppers in the world! Carolina Reapers are still the hottest pepper in the world in 2022 and going into 2023. Time will tell if another stable strain can be put to the test to beat out the Reaper, but for now she is queen of the hot peppers!

We also have a lot of other super hot pepper seeds back in stock for some of your favorite hot peppers from around the world:
If you like growing the hottest peppers to add to salsas or make into hot sauces, these peppers are for you! Make sure to keep them warm and moist for the best seed germination – super hots can take their sweet ol' time sprouting so don't give up on them and keep them warm. Once sprouted, they should grow nicely at room temperature indoors until it's time to bring them outside. Don't forget to harden off your seedlings and let them acclimate to the sun's strong rays and the wind.

Grow Hot Peppers in Pots
Carolina Reaper pepper grown in a 5-Gallon Pot

You can grow hot peppers in pots with great success as pots let you move the peppers to protected areas (or indoors) if frosty stormy weather is expected. This allows you to maximize your growing season so you can get the most hot peppers out of your plants. Super hot peppers need long growing seasons to fully ripen fruit, so start them early, and grow them in moveable pots so you can move them to warm locations if needed during late or early freezing weather or terrible storms. 

Hot Pepper Seeds

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