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Best Anaheim Pepper Seeds

Best Anaheim Chile Seeds

We love this recent review our our Anaheim Pepper seeds
from a happy chile gardener:

“After living and working in New Mexico many years, graduate school took me back to the Midwest...where green chile was virtually unknown! So each year I flew back to my favorite state. In the Fall, I brought back as many fresh green chilies as would fit in my golf bag. In the Spring, I hand-carried an entire flat of green chile seedings through the Albuquerque airport and onto the plane. This year, a dear friend sent me a package Anaheim chile seeds from a company I never knew existed: Sandia Seed Company! So I ordered even more seeds, planted them this Spring and my garden exploded with Anaheim chilies! The pods were long, fleshy, fat and mild--- perfect to roast and share with my family. I had so many chile pods that I began introducing them to neighbors and friends, teaching them to roast and use chilies to make rellenos, salsa, enchiladas and add them to dozens of dishes.

My huge pepper plants continued producing buckets...yes, BUCKETS of chilies for weeks into late fall.
Best of all, I've enjoyed my favorite green chile all summer & fall, knowing my freezer is nearly full of roasted chilies waiting to enhance so many meals until next year's harvest.”