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Are Shishito Peppers hot?

Are Shishito Peppers Hot? Shishito Pepper Seeds

Are Shishito Peppers hot?

For the most part, Shishito Peppers are quite mild. But occasionally, they'll be a spicier Shishito, whether green or red. They say that one out of every 10-20 shishito peppers will get a little hotter than usual. These "spicy Shishitos" don't reach even a mild jalapeño in heat, but enough to spice up your tastebuds! 

Shishitos pepper seeds are surprisingly easy to grow – they are very prolific, and can be grown in containers or gardens alike. The 24" tall Shishito plants are one of the fastest growing peppers, bearing peppers in just 60 days after planting!

Shishito peppers go great with any meal, you can add them to stir fries, or sautee them up in a pan with some olive oil or sesame oil and Garlic and sesame seeds. Check out this Shishito Recipe »

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