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3 Peppers You Should Grow

3 Peppers You Should Grow - NuMex Twilight Ornamental Pepper Seeds

These peppers are a 10 on the "grab your attention" scale. They are interesting  plants and you'll be glad you grew them.

Fish Pepper Seeds

Fish Pepper

This beautiful plant should really go by another name. Flamboyant Fish would be a better way to describe it because it always aspires to be the center of attention. It has a rare feature of variegated two-tone leaves. They are mottled green and white and really make this plant standout. The peppers it produces are variegated too with light striping along their length as they mature. The plant is productive and becomes loaded with flowers and then peppers that become lightly striped and then turn a bright red color. The pepper flavor is not great so leave the beautiful red peppers on the plant and watch the leaves become a majority of white as the plant continues to grow. Stunning.

Ornamental Pepper Seeds - NuMex Twilight Pepper Seeds

Twilight NuMex

This striking plant that looks like it has little Christmas lights on it. Those bright looking bulbs are the upright peppers that mature into brilliant colors of yellow, orange, red and purple.  All four colors are on the plant the same time making it very impressive to look at. It’s a small plant at only about 24” tall and can nicely be grown in a container for up close viewing. When Twilight NuMex is planted in mass groupings or long rows it looks amazing. The pepper flavor is not great so leave the bright peppers on the plant.

Manzano Pepper Seeds (Orange Rocoto)

Manzano / Orange Rocoto

A plant with many unique features that make exciting to grow. It is like the unpepper like 7-up was the uncola, but there is nothing plain about this plant. First, it doesn’t grow like a bush, but like a vine that can be trellised. It is a long-lived plant and can grow to 15’ if protected from frost. It has pretty purple flowers, instead of white, and are shaped like a 6-point star. The leaves are fuzzy and not smooth. Its bright orange peppers are spicy and grow with black seeds inside them instead of the usual light beige seeds. This undomesticated pepper is from the Andes and prefers cooler temperatures and partial shade. As a feral pepper, it has not been bred to pop out of the seedling mix. It will germinate when it thinks it is warm enough to ensure its success to reproduce for the next generation. This means providing the seeds with a soil temperature of 85 degrees in the day and 70 degrees at night.