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Why do you call your seeds Hatch?

Hatch Chile Seeds: Why do you call your seeds Hatch?


Here is a question asking why we call some of our seeds Hatch:

“I'm curious about how your Hatch varieties compare to the peppers we have successfully grown that do not have the Hatch designation: Numex Sandia Select, Anaheim Heirloom, Big Jim Heirloom. We've had good luck with them and find the Numex, especially, great for roasting. But, I'm intrigued by the Hatch designation. How would they be different for us. We garden in southeast Utah (near Moab) at about 4500 feet. I'm eager to hear your comments regarding mild, medium, and hot Hatch peppers.”

Great question! All the peppers you list are the New Mexico Pod-Type and descended from the original New Mexico #9. The NuMex moniker is on seeds that have been developed or reselected for improved traits by the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. The Hatch moniker is more subjective. True New Mexicans know that the Hatch Green Chile pods are only grown in the Hatch Valley of southwest New Mexico. However, most people know that they love Hatch New Mexico chile and recognize all New Mexico Pod-Type chiles as Hatch. Regardless of where they have been grown.

Sandia Seed Company did not name any of our seeds Hatch for our first 5 years in business. We grew the Mild, Medium and Hot peppers in the Hatch/Mesilla Valley and harvested the seeds there. But, we knew these seeds were not going to be grown again in Hatch and so they were named as New Mexico 6-4 Mild, Big Jim Medium, and Sandia Hot.

Then a Sandia Seed retailer suggested we sell seeds named Hatch Green Chile because that is what people are asking for. Oh, this was a difficult decision for a New Mexican! We started with a packet of Hatch Green Medium Big Jim and it became our best seller the first year!

On the seed packets that we have designated as Hatch, the heat level and the cultivar are listed. For example:

The Hatch Green X Hot seed packet has Barker’s Hot seeds inside. This correlates with the fact that Barker’s Hot green chile is sold as Hatch Green X Hot in New Mexico!

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