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Vegetable Seed Catalog

Vegetable Seed Catalog - Peppers and Tomato Seeds

Looking for a vegetable seed catalog?

Sandia Seed carries tons of seeds of what we think are the best vegetables you can grow – Chile Peppers and Tomatoes! Our new Vegetable Seed Catalog has over 100 peppers of the world, and over 44 tomato seeds including heirlooms and hybrids, you're sure to find tons of vegetable seeds to choose from! 

Vegetable Seed Catalog - Peppers and Tomato Seeds and Growing Tips

Try growing something new this year, if you like spicy we have lots of hot peppers including the hottest peppers in the world such as the Carolina Reaper or any of our Ghost Pepper seeds. We also have lots of mild and sweet peppers that are packed with flavor and little to no spice.

We love to grow as many different types of peppers as we can each season. With over 100 different chile pepper seeds and over 44 tomato seeds from around the world, the only problem is choosing which ones to grow each season! We'd love to grow them all, but there is only so much room in the garden. :) 

Happy growing!

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Vegetable Seed Catalog with Pepper Seeds and Tomato Seeds